I wish I had the power to know the absolute truth always regardless if it hurts. 

May 5th | reblog

I have this mini life dream.

When the weather is cool and slightly breezy,

I want to sit on the largest hill,

as close as I can get to the sky,

and gaze up for a while. 

I was hoping you’d be gazing with me.

May 3rd | reblog

My parents are watching a show about libido, sex tips, and lots of other unmentionable things. It’s getting progressively more detailed. 
Family fun time guys, family fun time.

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I’m not sure whether to care very little, or care too much. Either way I seem to lose. 

February 16th | reblog

Had a bad day..

Am I going to blame it on Friday the 13th?

I’m going to blame it on Friday the 13th. :)

Damn witchcraft. 

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First post of 2012, a year I’m hoping will hold so many changes.
I fell in love with Lana Del Rey’s song “Born to Die” technically yesterday. It brought back so many bittersweet memories of 2011… 
Happy Year New :)
Be kind, 2012.

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